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Holistic Learning: Breaking New Ground Conference

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7th Annual Conference Schedule 2009

Soulful Spaces: Transforming Self -Transforming the World


Session Abstracts (final)Presenter Bios

For all attendees:
Final Conference Schedule with Room Allocations

All files are in word format.
Attention: Please review the schedule from time to time as some sessions have been cancelled or modified. Presenter time slots may be rescheduled without notice. Thank you for your patience.

Friday, October 23 - Pre-conference

1:00 - 4:00

Celeste Snowber: Minding the body/Bodying the mind

Minding the body/Bodying the mind will explore the body as a place to dwell in bodily mindfulness. We will seek to find the body as a place to listen to the inner landscapes of our lives and call us back to bodywisdom. The body holds pools of wonder for us to access, it calls us back to our whole selves as a lover. We will find visceral and imaginative ways for our cells to participate in deep attentiveness – a place where spirit and body meet. Central to this session will be the notion of play as a spiritual practice to connect our bodies to our deepest selves and to the divine. Part of that self is the holy place, which springs forth wells of creativity and freedom. Celeste will introduce how the body in conjunction with text and the poetic can access the stories waiting to be expressed in our lives and in the lives of our students. She draws upon her lifetime work of embodied prayer, Interplay and improvisation to flesh out the integration of the arts in inquiry and educative practice. You will be invited to access your own body narratives as a way to deeply listen to the stories within you. Ample time will be given for movement/dance warm-up, improvisation, storytelling, and humor as a place to uncover our own narratives within us and the possibilities for transformation.

1:00 - 4:00
Ed Sarath: Art, Consciousness, and Change: An Integral View of Education Reform

This pre-conference workshop will examine the educational transformation process from an “integral” perspective, which is an emergent stream in contemporary thought that draws from spirituality, science, philosophy, art, sociology and other disciplines. Largely associated with the work of the philosopher Ken Wilber, from which I draw considerably, integral theory has evolved as a exceptionally broad and inclusive model that poses promising ramifications for holistic educators. Not only does the model provide a compelling map of what a holistic model might entail, bridging exterior and interior dimensions of the human being, it also offers insights into the ever-elusive educational reform process. In particular is the central role that the arts may play in both the transformation and the resultant model. In exploring these ideas, I combine hands-on activities with discussion and analysis. A central theme is that improvisatory creativity is a robust vehicle for expanding our horizons and freeing us up from conditioned modes of perception. Due to the moment-to-moment awareness that improvisatory creativity entails, receptivity to inner experience is enlivened, inviting the use of meditation and related practices in the classroom to complement the interiority accessed through active creativity. In addition to hands-on creative and meditative activities, the workshop will address ways of dialoguing with faculty colleagues in efforts to advocate these kinds of educational modalities. Critical analysis of aspects of integral theory will also be part of the session. Prior familiarity with integral principles is not a pre-requisite for the workshop.

1:00 - 4:00
Tobin Hart: The Inner Liberal Arts: Developing Capacities for a Life of Meaning.

Drawing from the wisdom traditions, contemporary neuroscience and from across academic disciplines, this time will explore an integrative map of inner capacities necessary to live a meaningful life in this new century. These provide direction and depth for an inner curriculum that redefines what the well-educated person could be. They enable a practical bridge between spiritual and scientific and the inner and outer.

7:00  Keynote: Jack Miller

8:15 Home groups

9:00 Wine & Cheese Reception

Saturday, October 24

7:00-8:00 - Deborah Orr: Yoga and Mindfulness

Session A

9:00 - 10:15

  1. Susan Schiller, Clinton S. Burhans III & Rebecca Zeiss: Writing Mini-Dramas to Awaken the Ethical Soul
  2. Nicole Lohrbeer: Creating Soulful Space in the Online Classroom
  3. Anne Adams: Integral Education: Education FOR Transformation
  4. Paul E. Royes: The Power of Spirit in Holistic Education
  5. Cancelled: Joan Blanusa: Using Deep Listening to Explore the Spiritual
    Change: David Reid Marr & Sam Crowell: Approaching Teaching as Performance Art
  6. Barbara Harrison: Head, heart, hands: Effective incorporation of community service into education for transformative results
  7. Marie-Anne Risdon: A Spiritual Care and Guidance and Community Involvement Service offered in Quebec’s public schools
  8. Bat-Sheva Koren: The Body, as manifested Spirit, becomes the teacher in Authentic Movement: From Golem to White Eagle - A journey into, through, and beyond life
  9. Monica McGlynn-Stewart: Opening space for creativity, innovation, and genuine connections
  10. Richard Njus: School with Soul
  11. Bob London: Nourishing Students’ Relationship with Nature: A Spiritual Perspective

Session B

10:45 - 12:00

  1. Peter Laurence & Diana Denton: Transformational Leadership: The Application of Integral Consciousness
  2. Rina Cohen: Creating Soulful Teaching Spaces with Music and Meditation
  3. Gary Babiuk: The Holistic Nature of Education for Sustainability
  4. Chako Amano: What is true Ishindenshin: Are we capable of communicating without words?
  5. Isabella Colalillo Kates: Live @ Planet Earth: Tracing our Creative Maps
  6. Jan Buley, Sarah St. Michael, Ashley Fair, Sandra McPhee, April Passi, & Anthony Cechetto: Perceptions and Observations of Preservice Literacy Teachers: Reflections About Literacy Teaching
  7. Nisia Floresta de Paula e Sousa & Merlin Charles: Teaching and Learning how to live peacefully: A holistic approach
  8. Kathy Mantas: Connecting, learning and transforming through co-creative processes, activities and emerging artful forms
  9. Lucila T. Rudge: Awakening to Life Through the Practice of Meditation
  10. Jack Miller: Holistic curriculum: What is it and how can we create the conditions for it.
  11. Maraiba Christu: Utilizing contemplative practices in counsellor education: A reader’s theatre

12:00 - 1:00 LUNCH

1:00 - 2:00  Keynote: Sam Crowell

Session C

2:30 - 3:45

  1. Marni Binder & Sally Kotsopoulos: Creating Mindful Spaces: The Arts and Young Children
  2. Diana Denton: Performative Inquiry: Transformations of the Heart
  3. Grace Feuerverger: Mahatma Ghandi’s Concept of “Satyagraha” in Action at the Jaipur Peace Conference: Reflections on a Journey to India
  4. Nancy Maynes & Lynn Julian-Shultz: The Life Changing Experience of an International Practicum Placement
  5. Catherine Miller & Mariella Vigneux: Cultivating Well Being: Insights from Outdoors
  6. Jasna Schwind: Transformative nature of Narrative Reflective Process (NRP) in teaching the humanness within professional therapeutic relationships
  7. Andrea Chisholm: Legal Education in Crisis: Healing and Humanizing Canadian Law Schools
  8. Cancelled: Sheri Klein: Developing the Inner Life of Teacher Candidates through Journaling
  9. New: Pamela McIntyre: Movement, Mantra, Meditation - Step into Spirit
  10. New: Njoki Wane: What has Spirituality Got to do with Theory and Practice in a Black feminist Research project? 

Session D

4:00 - 5:15

  1. Larry Nusbaum: Sound Medicine: Stories and Songs of Hope
  2. Vicki Kelley: Two-Eyed Seeing and The Pedagogy of Place
  3. Bob London & Sam Crowell: Transformative Approaches to Teacher Education
  4. Michael Olin-Hitt: Awakening the Sacred self: Practice for Discovering Inner wisdom and spiritual Purpose
  5. Katie Doering: Teaching and Learning at Toronto’s Ronald McDonald House – A journey of self and community transformation
  6. Michel Ferrari, Marcus Benayon, Aftab Khan, Nic Westrate, Anda Petra, & Jane Yao: Developing Personal Wisdom
  7. Julie Jarvis & Catherine Wyatt: Down the Rabbit Hole – a look at the Gazebo School in Big Sur, California
  8. Deborah Orr: Bringing Mindfulness into Your Day
  9. Klaus Witz & Wanju Huang: Advancing in Self

8:00 Arts Celebration

Sunday, October 25

7:00 – 8:00 Bob London: Nature Walk

7:00 – 8:00 Deborah Orr: Bringing Yoga and Mindfulness Into Your Day

Session E

8:30 - 9:45

  1. Christopher Reynolds: A Gathering of Orphans: Walking in Two Worlds and the Role of Love
  2. Amy Burke: Creating Compassion: Recognizing that the other person is you
  3. Sally Madeira: Reclaiming ourselves as educators: The power of reflection, conversation, and community
  4. Kelli Nigh: Gentling the Mind and Body to Nature
  5. Anita Mahadai Thakurdeen: Compassion as Medicine: Cultivating Resilience and Resistance to Racism through Mindfulness Meditation
  6. Lisa Tucker: Spirituality in Teacher Education: Honouring the Inner Lives of Students and Teachers
  7. Elaine Winick: The Weaving of the Arts as a Mindful Experience
  8. Jo-an Collins: Pathway to the Heart
  9. Carlo Ricci: Soulful Spaces: Unschooling and free schooling
  10. New: Bernie Neville, Peta Heywood, Tricia McCann: The gods in the classroom: a polytheistic view of education
  11. Tobin Hart: Interiority and Education: The Neurophenomenology of Contemplation

Session F

10:00 - 11:15

  1. Chet Sisk: Teaching Principles, Possibilities and Plans for a New, Sustainable Life
  2. Rupert Collister: Who are we, what are we doing, do we need to work together and do we need a shared language to do it?
  3. Change to Session A: David Reid Marr & Sam Crowell: Approaching Teaching as Performance Art
  4. New: Carol Williams: Care for the Soul of the Educator - a sample of the 'Courage to Teach' retreats of Parker Palmer
  5. Cancelled: Steve Howlett: Holistic Physical Education and Performance
  6. JIA LUO & Zhou Jia Ka: Peace Education: A Tibetan Perspective
  7. Heesoon Bai, Rosa Chen, Avraham Cohen, Tom Culham, Bea Donald, Daniela Elza, Karen Fiorini, Charles Scott: Contemplative Inquiry and Pedagogy: Variations on Theory and Practice
  8. Amanda Henderson & Natalie Zend: A Soul the Size of the Earth: Widening the Circle of Self
  9. Celeste Snowber: Bodypsalms
  10. New: Doris Jakobsh: Tools for Creating Soulful Space in the Classroom: The Concept Map.
  11. New: Blake Poland, Dalla Lana, Yuri Sales: Learning to Trust Life

11:30 - 12:30  Keynote: Rachel Kessler

12:30 - 1:00 Conference Closing


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